Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Heat

Zeke hates the heat! He IS a husky after all. Despite his being short-haired he really slows down in the summer. I try to walk him early in the morning and after 6 at night when temps are cooler. I’m constantly picking the shadier side of the street. We have been hitting above 90 on a regular basis here in NYC. On the few days with highs in the 80s I have been taking advantage and bringing Zeke to the dog park or running with him.

My own parameters, temperature-wise, are as follows:

  • 90 and above days: shorter walks in the shade, otherwise he is in the house with a fan or the AC
  • 85 & above days: slightly longer walks, in shade or on grass, maybe a QUICK 20 minute trip to the dog park EARLY in the morning
  • 80-85 days: regular walks (meaning 30mins or more), dog park trip morning or evening, 2 mile run w/a few walk stops
  • 70-80 days: 5 mile run or less if on the trails, longer dog park trips.
  • anything under 70: anything goes!

Today it hit 95! Here are 3 things you can do with your dog to keep them cool mid-day:

1. broth-cicles! Here is my link to a past post on making yummy ice “pops” for your dog: Broth-cicles

2. the chilly bone, purchased for 5 or 6$ you simply run water over it, place it in a freezer bag for an hour or two, and give back to your dog when its good and frozen. Zeke likes to gently chew on or rest his head on it.

2013-07-16 18.47.03

3. kiddie pool! I just tried this one today. I wasn’t sure how Zeke would like it, as he can be unpredictable around water sources. He was a bit timid but did seem to realize it would cool his feet off if he stood in it! Cooled my feet off too! When Zeke was done with it, it doubled as a pool for my turtles, who enjoyed it a bit more than Zeke (;

he liked it...sort of

he liked it…sort of

Murtagh & Bowser loving the water

Murtagh & Bowser loving the water

Stay cool out there!



~ by manicivy on July 16, 2013.

4 Responses to “Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Heat”

  1. Brothcicles are a fabulous idea. Totally trying this one. For the dog, not me.

  2. Wow turtles in luck thanks to the dog 😀

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