Rockaway Dog Park

Rockaway’s “Freeway Dog Park” is the largest dog park in NYC. It is a whopping 2.5 acres! It is mostly grass with some paved walkways in a loop around the park for the humans. It is between 2 of the elevated train railways and only about half a blocks distance from the water. Unfortunately, because of its locale, it sustained damage in Hurricane Sandy. Many businesses in that area still remain closed. Several very old, large trees came down in the park & there was a lot of debris to be cleaned up. I was very happy to see last week that the dog park has reopened! Doug & I drove past on our way to the beach to see what had happened to it.

I love this park because of its size. We usually take Zeke here and then to the beach afterwards during the off season when dogs are allowed on the sand. Parking is fairly easy to find on the surrounding blocks. The two downsides of this park are that it has no running water and if you don’t live in Rockaway (I don’t) you have to pay the bridge toll to get to the park. Still, it is worth it once or twice a month to bring Zeke for a several hour outing & watch him really be able to run full out without having to stop and turn at a fence. If we get a break from the heat soon we’ll go and take some pictures and video.


~ by manicivy on July 14, 2013.

3 Responses to “Rockaway Dog Park”

  1. My antivirus manage to blocked something nasty when I clicked on the park link. Thought you may like to know. Have a great week ahead 🙂

  2. […] My original review of the dog park/beach can be found HERE […]

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