Random updates

I’ve purchased the Dog DNA test from doggyloot.com !!! I’m very excited to see what they say.

Zeke’s nervousness has been much improved. I think having the AC on and windows closed help a lot. His 3 or so evening walks a week are now ONLY around the cemetery. On the other nights we run together and/or go to the dog park. If he ever does seem nervous in the house I ignore. This works even better than trying to distract him. I’ve tried doing training with him and his anxiety seems to get worse the more I try to distract him from whatever he is smelling outside. So I ignore and if I can’t or he is particularly upset I put him in his crate and spray some lavender. After ten minutes I let him out and he is almost always better after this. Very simple-which is good for all involved.

Zeke is also dealing with another companion in the house right now- a young sparrow. Someone from a different department at work found him on a walkway on a 90degree day and bought him inside…overnight. They didn’t know how to properly feed him/her so she was very weak the first few days. It was impossible to find her nest site as the best thing to do is try to return them there. I’ve raised two from only a day old in past years. This one is about 2 weeks so it should make it easier. She may have lasting damage-she tends to lean to the right and her legs seem weak-I’m feeding her yummy fattening things and doing some physical therapy with her (; Hopefully she can be released. Zeke gets sooo jealous when she chirps and I go to feed her. But she has fluttered down to the floor in front of him and he leaves her alone with a quick “leave it!” from me or Doug. (;


~ by manicivy on July 8, 2013.

4 Responses to “Random updates”

  1. How fun having a baby bird in the house!

    • he/she is cute!…Im pretty sure she is blind in her right eye and although she has flight feathers she is not trying to fly and not even hopping much )= She loves to snuggle and perch in my potted plants-hope she will be ok.

  2. I’d love to test Aggie to see if she’s truly a Shollie (Ger. Shep/ Collie). Can’t wait to hear what ya find out.

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