2 recommended products

Thank you fellow blogger, Reggie’s House, for telling me this dog DNA kit, is currently on sale! As a birthday present to myself, I’m going to buy it! I know Zeke is a Husky…possibly Alaskan Husky, but he could have shepherd or hound in him as well. Although, that wouldn’t technically disqualify him from being an Alaskan Husky…so many possibilities! I am just too curious to see what the DNA test would say, so I MUST try it!

One of my coworkers recently purchased the FURminator! & said she loves it. Living in a studio apartment with super-shedder Zeke is challenging & I have heard only good things about the Furminator, so I must try this as well!

Has anyone tried the Furminator? Did you like it? Any other followers ever use a dog DNA kit before (besides Reggie of course!)? I’m curious as to other peoples results.


~ by manicivy on July 6, 2013.

3 Responses to “2 recommended products”

  1. I’ve read lots of good things about the furminator but shops in my country don’t carry it. We use the zoomgroom instead when we bathe the dog weekly. Its pretty good too 😀 Dog’s shedding became better in the last two months, not sure if its the effect of the fish oil we started giving her around the same time or the new food, so I only comb her once a week now rather than everyday. 🙂 Our’s a short hair mongrel though, I don’t know much about huskys.

    • i love the names for these grooming supplies-zoomgroom, furminator! Fish oil is supposed to help, Zeke eats raw which is also supposed to help-can’t imagine if he didn’t because he sheds a small dog every day!

  2. We use the furminator on the wolf dogs, it is amazing! They actually quite like it too and will lie down and let me groom them. I imagine Zeke is similar to them to groom and as soon as it starts to heat up they start shedding. The first time we used it on Tuchena we filled a grocery bag with hair!

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