Dogs Decoded-Updated

It says originally aired in 2011 but I haven’t seen it & can’t wait to watch! I have 45 mins to shower after a 2 mile run in thunderstorms w/Zeke & cook dinner-stir fry before the show starts!

I was hoping to run at least 4 but Zeke hates the rain and wouldn’t even trot  =P At the dog park he stood under a small pine tree & refused eye contact while he got rained upon. He did stop & sit at the corner of a big boulevard and howl at the ice cream truck which made everyone stop and stare haha.

good times I suppose


I just finished watching the show and it was amazing!!! Very interesting to see how early (sometimes 6 weeks!) that dogs follow a human pointing at something. Of course immediately after the show I had to try it out..I made Zeke wait in the kitchen w/door closed so he wouldn’t see which cup  I put the treat under…Here are 2 examples, I did it 4 times and he was 4/4. I also did it with only eye movement & he got it right that way too…sooooo interesting!



~ by manicivy on July 3, 2013.

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    after watching the show…

  2. Dog DNA kits are on sale at Doggyloot! Thought it might be incentive for Zeke to get one 🙂

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