Doug finally ran with us

It’s been a week since Doug’s mom passed. Today was a hard day for him. Her type of cancer was carcinoma of unknown primary, something we had never heard of before. According to the National Cancer Institute it is rare, fast-acting, hard to treat, and smoking can be a huge cause. Info on Carcinoma of Unknown Primary  Unfortunately, both of Doug’s parents are/were VERY heavy smokers. Doug used to be and has cut down a lot and is now again trying to stop for good. His mother was clear about this when she got sick, that she wants him to stop. I hope her asking him will be the final push for him to stick with it.

Doug finally joined Zeke and I for a run tonight! We went on the Forest Park smaller trails (which I don’t like to do alone anymore…) so it was nice to run them and feel safe. It was so hot and humid & with a quick sprinkle at the end of our 3.5 miles, it felt great in an odd way to be soaking & happily tired. I think Doug may have enjoyed it-at least a little. We have agreed to try to make it “Trail Tuesdays”. Hoping an easy once a week commitment to run together will stick (;


~ by manicivy on July 2, 2013.

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