Cats & Bachata on the run

Yesterday was a very motivated day. I cleaned the whole apartment. Then I was bored so Zeke and I set out for an early evening run. I got to use a new Ipod Nano with Nike+ and was happy to see the times/distances are much more accurate than using my old phone and the Runtastic app and its unreliable GPS signals. We ran 3 miles with some roads and some trails to the dog park. We stayed there about 25 mins. and then ran another 3 miles home. Of course, one can never have an uneventful run….

Right before we hit the trails, we passed a house with an adorable black cat with a white bib and feet sitting on the porch. Zeke took a little excited jump towards it, to which the cat responded by puffing up, hissing and swatting at him. Zeke loves to play this “game” with Doug’s familiy’s cats and just two days ago got his nose slightly bloody from not getting away quick enough. He must’ve remembered that because as soon as I called him away he turned from the cat to continue running. Next thing I know, the cat launched itself in the air at Zeke and proceeded to chase us 5 house lengths!!! What a ballsy cat! That thing would run at Zeke spitting and clawing, poor Zeke would jump over him, the cat would stop and as soon as we started away from it again the cat would give chase-I’ve never seen anything like it, it was a small cat too! If that cat lives at that house I’m going to have to remember to cross the street next time, he wasn’t scared of me either and I was worried about getting my legs clawed up!

After exiting the trails and running down the park’s pedestrian walk over to the dog park, I hear a “pssst” “can you come here for a sec” coming from behind some trees. I continued running and then they shouted “miss!” so I stopped to survey the situation. I saw 6 men and one woman, some fancy lights, a camera, and another husky-a FAT husky, the most roly-poly husky I’ve ever seen. I was a little on guard so I walked halfway to them and asked what did they want. The woman walked towards me and said they would like to take a picture with Zeke. interesting….I asked some more questions and the dogs met in the meantime. Everything seemed ok, we were only about 30 feet from the walkway so I removed Zeke’s running harness, begged the very handsome man in the picture to hold tightly to his collar and I stood next to the photographer to keep Zeke’s attention (he behaved beautifully, staying in a sit, looking at the camera and even licking the man’s face once!). I found out that this was a Bachata singer from the Bronx who is releasing a new album or song-didn’t catch which exactly, and the title is “Wolf”! The artist took some pictures with just Zeke and then they bought in the other husky, Rihanna haha, and he took a few with both. At some point I told them my sister loves Bachata music and that her boyfriend is from the Dominican Republic- turns out they were all Domincan as well! Then they got more friendly and took my email to send me the pictures and the photographer showed me the shots they got. I must say, Zeke looked stunning! With the dark, mysterious lighting and forest-y background (& gorgeous Dominican singer) they were really eerie, beautiful shots. Me, being tired from running and slightly socially challenged forgot to ask for the singer’s actual name. Ugh…now I have to just hope they remember to send me the pictures. I hope they do and if anyone out there knows what singer this may be please let me know!

Always exciting….


~ by manicivy on July 1, 2013.

One Response to “Cats & Bachata on the run”

  1. Zeke is a star now! That is fun!

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