Road trip to Maine & more progress with Zeke

We leave early in the morning for Maine!!!!  We have done almost nothing to get ready for it and its almost 10pm =/   anxiety settling in now…hope to have some awesome pictures and stories to put up though in the next few days!

*note…The other NIGHT, I’m talking 11pm late night, a neighbor was barbecuing outside so for the first time at night Zeke was uncomfortable on his last walk of the day. After asking him to sit and lay down 3x, Zeke obeyed each time but promptly got back up, Zeke remained laying. I gave him a full body massage, occasionally asking for eye contact and talked to him whenever he relaxed. It worked, for 20 mins we were outside with him doing a lot of sniffing but remaining calm with his body signals. And, today, despite multiple barbecues going on in the neighborhood we had a very calm evening walk!!!


~ by manicivy on June 16, 2013.

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