Essentials for Dog Camping:

  1. TENT: Coleman Hooligan 4 person tent  We’ve only had one other tent before so not much to compare to, but I spent hours looking at tents that could handle 3 seasons and had the extra “vestibule” flap on the rain fly. This was great when a sudden downpour caught us off-guard, Doug and I ran in the tent & the dog, who had gotten muddy in some puddles, could stay outside the tent, yet covered from the rain.
  2. TIE-OUT: Petco 15 foot cable We went for cheap & easy & got this cable in the Petco store. We’ve been using it for 2 years to tie Zeke out on the back porch or to a tree when camping. He has yanked pretty hard on it at times and it just doesn’t break.
  3. TRAVEL WATER BOWL: Outward Hound bowl I love Outward Hound products. We have also been using this bowl frequently for over 2 years and it is in perfect condition.
  4. DOG BACKPACK: My own review of Outward Hound backpack
  5. TOYS!!!!: Kong Safestix it floats!  & your standard tennis ball of course (;
  6. TREATS: Natural Balance Food rolls  These rolls are great because they are easy to cut up into treat-size pieces & can also double as your dog’s meal. They smell delicious & we consider them Zeke’s high level treat for when we practice his recall off-leash.
  7. BUG PREVENTION: Frontline plus tick repellant  I know this kind of product does not appeal to everyone but I’d rather use a little prevention in the bug-y months than have Zeke covered in ticks
  8. CANICROSS EQUIPMENT: optional but fun!

That’s it for Zeke! Of course we bring his poop bags and a sturdy leash & collar, we also use a fabric 50 foot training lead for when he’s practicing off-leash. I don’t bring a food bowl because we pack frozen meat for him and he eats in the dirt and grass anyway. Another reason I like the dog backpack: all of these things fit in it so he has his own, orderly, bag! Would anyone like to add other “camping with your dog” must-haves?


~ by manicivy on June 13, 2013.

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