Friends & Fun

On Sunday afternoon we had a few people over for my Mom’s 65th birthday. One of her friends brought her dog, Nathan, a dachshund. Nathan and Zeke have met 2 or 3 times before. Nathan is much older and not as much of an outside dog. He doesn’t get the chance to socialize much out of his house. The first time he came he was very scared of Zeke. The second time they got along a little better and this time went even better than that. Although I don’t think they will be playing together anytime soon, they seemed to come to a compromise; Zeke lessened his chasing of Nathan and Nathan lessened his growling and running away. I even observed Nathan leaning over to sniff Zeke as Zeke passed him once and they may have licked each other too!

I am always excited for Zeke to have house guests. Aside from being super rambunctious at first, Zeke shares his water bowl & treats nicely. The only issue we have had is with his crate. Once at our home and once at my cousins, Zeke defended his crate from a doggy friend. This is perfectly understandable and I have since learned to just close the door to his crate when we have furry guests. However, if introduced for a while before giving access to the crate Zeke has, on occasion, shared his crate, as in the picture below taken last year, with an escaped dog Doug found. (We were able to find the dog’s owner despite him having no collar, tags, or a microchip-I took a picture and listed him on Animal Care & Control’s website under found dogs. His owner, a 14 year old boy, found him on there, and we reunited them. The boy had only had him for 2 days and he escaped from the yard- we kept in touch with the boy for a little while and firmly suggested he get the dog tags and we told him about training and I showed the boy how I taught his dog to sit and lay down. Sadly, a few weeks later the dog went to live with one of the boys family members. Doug and I really liked that dog, he was a brown version of Zeke and we would have liked to have kept him, but it wasn’t meant to be.)

Here is the found puppy, I think his name was Bailey.

Bailey chillin' in Zeke's crate, they ended up sleeping together in it that night.

Bailey chillin’ in Zeke’s crate, they ended up sleeping together in it that night.


In other news, we went camping upstate overnight. Zeke had tons of fun being off leash part of the time, yay!!! With only one or two “oh, shit” moments where he took off running and we weren’t sure if he was coming back-the lake is VERY tempting to him. But, I had treats on me and I did the call and run the other way and apparently chasing someone with food is more fun than the lake *phew* He was off leash in a little stream too and spent SO MUCH time trying to sink his tennis ball. He was absolutely fascinated that he couldn’t make it stay under the water. We also took our first canicross through a trail there. He wasn’t much for running ahead going the mile out, much more interested in marking and sniffing, but the mile back he always pulls for so that was more enjoyable for me. The rest of the time he spent watching the rain from under the “patio” our particular tent rain fly offers(…product review for that coming soon!), digging, watching bugs, and this…..

sleeping outside

sleeping outside

and sleeping inside.

and sleeping inside.


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  1. How fun! I would love to take Sam camping.

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