Roosevelt Island Dog Park

Due to heavy rain and my coming down with a cold, we postponed or camping trip until tomorrow. Instead here is a quick dog park review.

When I ran the 10k on Roosevelt Island 2 weeks ago I was surprised to see a dog park near where race registration was taking place. I’ve looked up online all of the local dog parks although I never did specifically search for Roosevelt Island. I know from the race it’s about 3 miles around the island and it is extremely narrow, maybe two city blocks across. There are apartment buildings and it must be for those people that the dog park was built. It is the tiniest thing I have ever seen! I guess if you don’t have a backyard it is better than nothing; at least your dog has a chance to be off leash? I’m not the best at estimating square footage but I’d say it couldn’t have been longer than 25 feet or wider than 10 feet. Maybe it is used more by older owners who can’t walk their dogs and need to sit (there was a bench) while their dogs do their business. I’m just not sure what the point of such a tiny park is. The island has beautiful areas to walk your dog and large grassy fields; your dog would get more of a workout being on a 30 foot leash playing fetch in the grass than being in the dog park. Unless you live on the island I wouldn’t bother going there, much larger dog parks in Queens and even Manhattan.


~ by manicivy on June 10, 2013.

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