Doing some confidence boosters

It finally thunderstormed and rained last night! Doug and I were outside chatting during some light rain, thunder and lightning and Zeke was with us- so calm during the storm that he laid down on his side! Go figure. This morning it was pouring so we did a super quick, super fun walk! He was on his extendable leash and I bought his ball. As soon as he went out the door I threw it and we alternated playing fetch and him carrying the ball while he did his business. Back in the driveway we played a little more. I took the opportunity to give him a bath which he doesnt normally like, but he was already soaked from the  rain! I gave him extra butt scratches during it and he behaved better than normal. He got a half of a hotdog as a reward. He got brushed outside (which he also loves) as a reminder outdoors is fun!

Inside we played “target to the hand & I’ll scatter-throw your kibble bits around”, he had so much fun! Then Doug put on some Elvis and we ran around having him chase us and “dance” with us. Finally, I gave him his favorite toy and bone to gnaw on. Doug just remarked, “he looks so content right now.”  Yay! A success at least for the morning!



~ by manicivy on June 3, 2013.

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