Yesterday Doug bought his 14 year old cornsnake, Cornell, to our apartment. Today he fed him his live mouse. Apparently Zeke enjoys watching! As soon as the mouse was wandering around the tank Zeke walked over and watched…the snake came around the side of the water dish, I watched Zeke’s gaze turn to follow the snake…then, luckily, I could see Zeke’s reflection in the tank glass; as the snake struck at the mouse Zeke’s eyes got big and his ears pricked forward! haha It was hilarious! I think that counts as Zeke’s novel enrichment for the day.

BTW my neighbor was barbecuing again today so Doug and I took turns rewarding Zeke for listening to us as we passed by the “evil” barbecue. He got rewarded with the high value treats of hot dog and cheese pieces. It did the trick and really minimized his reaction, yay!!!


~ by manicivy on May 30, 2013.

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