Finally the rain is over!

This has been such a long week! I have been working the more physical areas at work lately which has left me exhausted and short on time to run with Zeke (or at all really!) Going from feeding penguins in 30 degrees to feeding sea lions in torrential downpours at 70 degrees and throwing around 50lb bales of hay equals a tired Gretchen and fewer adventures with Zeke.  )= I tried to sneak in some 2 mile runs at work on my lunches, but it was over a week since I had run with Zeke last. Doug was great and on the third day of straight rain donned some rain gear and took Zeke out for an hour long walk which he really needed after being cooped up inside.

Yesterday I was finally able to run with Zeke to the dog park! Although because it was super windy and the park was muddy there was only one other dog there, Layla, a new friend.

Zeke and Layla

Zeke and Layla

Even though tomorrow morning is my first 10k!!! (and I would’ve liked to have a rest day) I owed it to Zeke to enjoy the beautiful day and go out and have some fun. We took it easy on a 4 mile run, part trails part road, and some more time playing at the park. We got back about 20 minutes ago and he is already happily napping in his crate. He had some more episodes of being skittish around the neighborhood this week so I am glad he had some positive outside adventures too. I’m just going to accept that he has issues with walking sometimes and let it be. I’ll chalk it up to his unsocialized upbringing. What I can do is do the things he loves with him that don’t make him nervous…camping, hiking, running, dog park trips, training, etc. For now, shorter walks and more of these outings might be the best thing for him. That’s fine with me because my 2 week vacation is fast approaching and we have plans involving all of those fun things!!

Zeke sniffing, finally tired from running and playing

Zeke sniffing, finally tired from running and playing


~ by manicivy on May 26, 2013.

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