Doggie seat belts-necessary or not?

Doggie seat belts-necessary or not?

I admit I used to (and maybe still do) think a dog seat belt is a little excessive. However, i met a woman at a dog park who told me a horror story that changed my mind. (Her current dog at the park was a yellow lab named Spike Lee-she was a very interesting lady) She told me she was driving on one of the dangerous parkways in the Bronx…cross county or Sprain Brook, I forget which one (we take both of these to our favorite campsite!) She crashed, her windshield shattered and her poor dog at the time flew through it, over the side of an elevated section of the road and landed on the road below it. The lady was fine aside from minor injuries, her dog was not. She still seemed traumatized from the incident. This is why Spike Lee had a very complicated seat belt harness on and she is now an advocate for doggie seat belts. At this time, she called Spike over and gave us a tutorial on how to properly affix the harness and discussed different brands, etc. She was definitely a woman on a mission. I promised her I would invest in one and so I did.
I use the harness when we take Zeke on highways. Its a little impractical for quick local rides. I will say I actually like the Petco brand one we purchased. It’s easy to put on, moderately priced, and doubles as a great back-hooked harness for walking. Zeke doesnt seem to mind wearing it; it makes driving easier since it restricts his movements slightly. (Zeke is a backseat pacer, going from window to window in excitement.) I recommend it if you don’t have one of those cage partitions and take a lot of road trips with your dog. You can see from the picture, Zeke even looks kind of handsome in it! I am curious as to how many people actually use dog seat belts…do you? Why or why not?


~ by manicivy on May 17, 2013.

3 Responses to “Doggie seat belts-necessary or not?”

  1. I have a small dog and I hook her up for highway driving. It’s good for less distracted driving. Also my fience’s parents had a golden retriever that jumped out a car window at 50mph after a dropped tennis ball. Really I just imagine how even a small accident could permanently damage a poor pup if he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time, and how terrible I’d feel if that happened.

  2. My husband would love a seat belt for Aggie. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I think about this a lot, we have just never managed to get one yet.

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