Zeke’s raw diet for the week

Here is what I gave Zeke to eat this past week. This is a good example of different protein types & cuts if you are interested in trying raw feeding. Just keep in mind Zeke has been on a raw diet for well over a year and his body has adjusted to the variety. It is always recommended when starting out on raw, that your dog only receive one protein type, usually chicken. Enjoy the meal plan, Zeke sure did!

Sunday:1.25lb ground duck (bone-in)

Monday & Tuesday: 3.25lb pork shoulder (Zeke eats off of the large chunk for about 30-40mins & when he leaves it to go to sleep, I remove it, put it in the fridge & put it back out on the floor the next day.)

Wednesday: 1.5lb chicken backs

Thursday: .75lb chicken gizzards/hearts & .5lb beef kidney

Friday: .5lb chicken gizzards/hearts, .5lb pork hock, .35lb whiting fillets

Saturday: 1.25lb lamb shoulder cuts

Total just under 10lbs.


The previous week’s example:

Sunday: .5lb whiting fillets & .75lb oxtail

Monday: 1.25lb performance dog (a packaged raw dog diet combo of beef, egg, ground bone & tripe)

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 5lb whole chicken

Friday: 1lb beef heart

Saturday: 1lb chicken livers & 1 small (.35lb) chicken leg quarter

Total again just under 10lbs.

(Zeke also has access to about a cup of blue buffalo dry dog food in the mornings, if he doesn’t eat it by dinner time it is removed. He usually eats it 3-4x a week. Many raw feeders do not agree with this but I know what works for my dog and Zeke needs access to food during the day when we are at work. I never leave him alone with any meat cuts that contain bone, I always observe him eating. I will, however, leave him alone with any ground food or boneless cuts such as fish fillets or organ meat.)


~ by manicivy on May 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “Zeke’s raw diet for the week”

  1. I think Zeke eats better than I do!!

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