Does your dog do this?

Does your dog do this?

the creep stare? You’re watching tv or reading a book or walking by and you feel eyes on you…and you look back and see…this. Your dog creepily staring at you. Not wanting anything, not looking for guidance just staring. My friend Veronica first asked me about this awhile ago. She said her boyfriend’s dog, a Dalmatian, will sometimes just stare at him. She asked if Zeke did it, while I knew he did, I never really noticed it before. Now I catch him doing it quite often. I’ll be trying to fall asleep and feel him doing it, and there he is, sleeping on the couch, eyes squinted, yet keeping an eye on me. I swear when he notices me he will sometimes look away and “pretend” he wasn’t doing it. What is this phenomenon? Could it be “love” or “admiration” or is he just bored and I’m something interesting to look at. Whatever it is, its funny and makes me feel a little special inside (; This scene was even more amusing because my wolf blanket was just perfectly placed.


~ by manicivy on May 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “Does your dog do this?”

  1. Yup mine does that. I think she’s just hoping it will inspire me to give her a treat though.

  2. Hahaha! What an awesome pic!

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