Zeke showing off his skills

This is a quick video of some of Zeke’s basic “tricks”. For the “go bone” or “go rope” I am giving him subtle cues (a finger point or eye look) because I want him to learn to associate the word “bone” or “rope” (over time) with the correct item; this is still in the beginning stages. The end goal is for me to lay out at least 5 toys in a row and for him to differentiate between them either by pawing at or nosing the correct item. He has “ball” down as that is his favorite toy.

Working with him with treats is sometimes more difficult than just using praise because he is SO food motivated, he gets over-excited. I usually only use treats for training after his evening meal. I am lucky with him because he loves training and will respond for food, a play session, or just praise. 10 minutes is his limit, his attention wanders after that and his success drops so I usually keep it to 5-8 minutes for a positive session.


~ by manicivy on April 29, 2013.

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