Zeke’s nose was almost healed…

…and then he face planted while chasing a ball at the dog park. Typical! haha. I held out as long as possible in taking him there knowing he would reopen the bite wound and get dirt in it. But we haven’t run together since Friday, since I had my race Saturday and was sick. I’m not even sure when his last trip to the dog park was…Wednesday? Can’t hold back Zeke for that long!

I cleaned his nose again using the tips my wonderful, knowledgeable training-friend told me. She advised initially after the dog bit Zeke to clean the wound with soap and water 3x a day. I then applied hydrogen peroxide with a cotton pad. A few times I put some fresh aloe (straight from my handy aloe plant) onto his nose, but I’m pretty sure he licked that all right off. She advised the risk of infection would diminish after 48 hours. Within 36 hours his nose was already scabbing. Doug followed this procedure for the puncture wounds on his hand as well. (Also applying triple antibiotic cream & bandaging.) He is healing quickly as well.

I am also happy to report I have not seen the dog that bit Zeke out in his yard since the incident occurred. So, hopefully, the owner is keeping up his end of the bargain. I walked Zeke past the house (across the street though) to see if he had any trepidations and am super pleased he didn’t seem bothered at all going to that area. And, he is definitely still ok with other dogs, including pit bulls, as he played beautifully at the dog park for an hour and a half today.

Such a weird dog…friendly to dogs after being bit, but put a strange smell in the air and he goes running!


~ by manicivy on April 22, 2013.

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