Just got back from Zeke’s night walk. Despite some challenges that could have made him completely freak out and bolt, he did not! We passed a block that smelled very strongly of curry.  oh no! haha. I could tell Zeke was uncomfortable as he began intently sniffing the air and darting his head back and forth. His tail lowered and he made a few (gentle) pulls to go in another direction. I made sure the leash was as loose as it could be and continued calmly walking forward. He followed! No bolting or darting or plastering his tail to his belly. I rewarded him by walking to one of his favorite areas to poop! Of course, that’s exactly what he did. We went back home the same way with about the same response-hesitant but not completely overreacting.

This is really encouraging! I can’t help but wonder if it really is the cooking smells or something my nose can’t detect. He did spend several of his first months confined to a kitchen, so it could make sense if he had some unfavorable experiences there. I think he must have because he was EXTREMELY broom-shy when we first got him. /= …makes me wonder…. He is over his fear of brooms at least; I have him sit in his “spot” and then sweep his eating area free of his fur. He has to stay and watch me while I sweep and then I put down his food. Broom=dinner!


waiting for the “okay” before eating some salmon & ground duck treats


~ by manicivy on April 18, 2013.

One Response to “Progress!”

  1. He looks like a blonde from the front! What a good boy.

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