A Run, a Loose Dog, & an Ode to “Lady”

a beautiful day, the weeping willows are coming back to life


Did a nice, mostly calm 4.25mile run at Flushing Meadow Park. We ran past the zoo where Zeke LOVED seeing the Belted Galloway cows and hearing the Thick-Billed parrots screech in the morning sun. We ran past the famous Unisphere and Citifield.

Of course we had another loose dog incident.  A young spaniel pup came barreling our way, Zeke was calm I let them sniff and we went to continue on our way but the dog followed. I stopped, spied the owner walking over and waited for him to grab his dog. He didn’t. I asked him to grab his dog, he didn’t speak much english but I gathered he was afraid of Zeke. I grabbed his dog for him and passed him to his owner. Who just stood there…?? I said please take your dog. He reluctantly did (that confused me) and Zeke and I resumed our run. Maybe two minutes later Zeke’s ears perked up and I heard tiny nails on asphalt approaching behind us. The dog was loose again, this time with leash attached. Owner nowhere in sight. Loose dog ran over to another (leashed) dog to say hello so Zeke and I tried to sneak away. It didnt work and young pup actually began calmly jogging next to us. I said to myself, maybe it will teach them a lesson. Its not my dog, not my problem we continued running. At some point loose dog wreaked havoc on a soccer field chasing the players then he returned to us and attempted to mount Zeke at which point Zeke snapped at him and i decided to tie loose dog to a pole. As I finished tying him, the owner finally arrives (a GOOD solid 3 minutes since he got loose the second time). He said (THIS IS CLASSIC..) “don’t worry, i got him.” haha. I said you dont have him, the pole does. I made it clear he was lucky Zeke is not aggressive and did not bite his dog and that he really should keep his dog on a leash. He said, “yea.” That’s it! no thank you, no sorry, just “yea.” It doesn’t surprise me anymore. I enjoyed looking back and seeing the man struggling to untie his dog as I did several complicated loops and ties to make it hard for him.  (;

After the final 2 miles around the lake we headed back to the dog park. It was there that I learned that Zeke, is in fact, interested in girls! I have never seen Zeke so enamored by a young female (a pitbull of course!). Tomorrow I shall post “Ode to Lady…” Right now it’s lunch time for us!



~ by manicivy on April 14, 2013.

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