Zeke’s first tick ):

This morning on my way out the door to go to work (of course) I hear Doug day “what’s this?” I look over to see him parting the dogs fur behind his left ear. I knew right away it was a tick.
Remember that nice big dog park on Long Island? Yea….he got it from there. Usually I give Zeke tick prevention meds but it was still March and about 45 degrees! Lesson learned. I was able to remove it fully after applying rubbing alcohol. I searched for more but didn’t find any. I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t think to check him after the trip. During summer trips I check him all the time, I just didn’t realize they would be moving around already. I know dogs get ticks all the time, people too, but I also know a few people with Lyme disease so I am a little scared. I will just keep an eye on the area and make sure it heals. Anyone have more experience with ticks? Trail runner friends, you must know all about this (;


~ by manicivy on April 5, 2013.

6 Responses to “Zeke’s first tick ):”

  1. Aggie had her first tick of the season this week, too. Kind of a bummer this early in the year. last year she had tons of ’em, so i guess its to be expected before the snow has even melted. We use the O’Tom Tick Twister to remove them. It’s the easiest way I’ve found to remove a tick, and I can be a big baby about it.
    I think ticks are just part of the trail running deal. Don’t forget to check you, too! Good luck.

  2. Sam had her first tick yesterday, also. This is a strange question but was it a soft tick or did it have a hard shell? If it was a soft bodied it was most likely a seed tick that would be common in a dog park and there is no worry for Lyme disease. Not sure how you feel about vaccines either but there is a Lyme vaccine that we get for Sam. It is not a complete preventive, but it drastically diminishes the symptoms/infection.

    • Oh good it was a soft bodied tick, thank you for the info I can worry a little less now. I have heard of the Lyme disease vaccine but was worried about side effects. Do you use a topical preventative as well?

      • The only side effect Sam has to the vaccine is that she gets itchy for a few hours after. Our vet give her Benadryl beforehand now for her general comfort level. We also use Frontline as her monthly topical. We find about 8 ticks on Sam a month either crawling or dead if they do happen to attach.

      • good to know! I use frontline also but dont usually start it until April…if we will be hiking more I know now to start it earlier. the frontline seems to work well we have found them crawling on him but never attached. Thank you so much!

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