Zeke and I ran 8 miles with a new friend…

We ran at the park where the attack happened. It was mid-day, lots of people, increased police presence. I also planned on running mostly on the paved walkways where themajority of people are. I ended up running the trails with a new male running friend, strangely enough.

He’s one of those 70ish, skinny, been running in the park for 30 years and loves to tell stories and talk philosophy-type runners. We nodded to each other, said hello and started talking, I knew he was ok because Zeke approved, I had seem him around before, we ran on the road to start, and LOTS of the other joggers knew him by name and stopped to introduce themselves to me. Pretty cool. It’s funny how there are such bad people and such good people all at the same time.

His name was Jerry and he also runs with dogs sometimes-usually a dog he borrows from a neighbor. He told me of two other female runners that regularly run the trails with their dogs. He gave Zeke some of his water when mine ran out. He was very sweet and I know a lot of the history of the trails I run now. Apparently the trails were made by a woman who died and donated 2 million dollars to the park. The dirt on the trails is actually horse racetrack dirt which is why it never gets too slippery! I also learned the length of different trails and how by doing certain loops you add quarter miles to your total. And, of course, I now know a few people by sight that I can say hello to. And, seeing as he runs 4-5 hours  a day, every day, since he retired, every time he said “want to do another loop?” my competitive side said “sure!” So I ended up doing 8 miles! 

Zeke had a great time-he ran next to Jerry and I pulled up the rear. haha. Jerry is a true inspiration & he was just what I needed to keep on going. Run smart and be safe, but keep on running!

~ by manicivy on March 31, 2013.

One Response to “Zeke and I ran 8 miles with a new friend…”

  1. I would say trust Zeke! Dogs have their strangely accurate sense about people.

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