We unknowingly saved a girl…

This is a very disturbing and serious post, please prepare yourself.

Last night I got home from work late and while I decided not to run as an old hip injury has been hurting, I wanted to still do something active. Doug reluctantly (he had a long day too) agreed to walk with me and Zeke on the trails I usually run on by myself. Dark was approaching and I would never have gone by myself at that time.
I am so happy he and Zeke were with me. Long story short…We came upon a young woman who had been attacked while running alone on the trails. The attacker used a taser on her, stole her phone and attempted to rape her. She told us we had saved her before anything worse happened because he heard/saw us coming down the trail and released her. We called 911 and stayed with her until we found the police.
I am so happy we were there. In ten years of dating that was only the fourth time? Doug and I have walked those trails together. It was unusual for us to be there but I’m so glad we were.
I am new to trail running and this really has me freaked out. I know there is a risk and I take precautions, but something is always possible. They have not caught the man yet. I do not know how I feel about running those trails now. Doug has promised to start running with me so I can still enjoy the trails if I don’t feel comfortable going by myself.
I hope the girl is doing ok. I’m glad nothing worse happened to her. I hope they catch the creep that did it.I’m glad I have Zeke to make me feel safer when I run and hopefully Doug will join us soon too.
Please fellow lady runners, BE CAREFUL!!! BE PREPARED!!! Never run alone and listen to your instincts.


~ by manicivy on March 30, 2013.

5 Responses to “We unknowingly saved a girl…”

  1. Wow, that is horrible and really scary. Events like this are definitely a rarity on trails, but I guess that’s a good argument for avoiding them at night, or at least running in a group. Crazy stuff. Glad the girl’s okay.

  2. This is my worst fear! I run with mace during the week when it’s not busy, but I still worry. So glad for her that you were there. Take care!

  3. I usually only run there on weekends midday when there are horse riders and families out. I think I will stick to that and continue road running on my weekday evening runs. I wonder if there are statistics for how much of a deterrent dogs are? Thanks for your comments.

  4. Thanks for this. I’ll be thinking of this woman for awhile. Blessings all around.

  5. Wow, that is such a horrible situation. Luckily you came along, how many out there would have just left her also?

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