Perfect Running With your Dog Weather!

Sunny and upper 30’s/low 40s! Just got back from a great 5 miler. So many interesting things can happen on our (now) same old trail; it never gets boring. We had literally just taken our first few running steps when I heard hoofbeats coming fast so I guided Zeke off the trail. Sure enough, a man with a cowboy hat on a galloping horse came around the turn in the trail. He apologized (for speeding? haha), not that I minded, it was so beautiful out everyone wanted to run!

Zeke and I took a few new turns and explored some new mini-trails. We ran into the same horse later on who really loves to run and whinny at the same time. Usually Zeke is scared/wary of the horses, but apparently all it takes is a whinny and he wants to chase them- good to know.


Here is Zeke deciding which way to go next. He just loves jumping on downed trees and looking around.


Picked out a trail and ready to go!

We ended with yet another trip to the dog park. I really meant to skip it this time but it was just SO nice out. After, Zeke was really tired so we took a nice leisurely stroll back towards the car. We stopped briefly at the rows of benches by “the dome” where shows/concerts are put on in Forest Park. Zeke promptly laid down to relax in the sun:


And, finally, a quick little video of Zeke jogging about. At one point he starts to go left but responds immediately to my “right” command. He really will turn on a dime now depending on my instructions, its pretty cool to see.

~ by manicivy on March 24, 2013.

7 Responses to “Perfect Running With your Dog Weather!”

  1. Wow this is so cool… do you have to use a leash, otherwise he will run away..? Finn and I were always running without a leash…

    • He has a very strong prey drive and because it is a nyc park having him offleash is against the law. I let him off sometimes when we go camping, but there are too many people/dogs/cars to do it safely here. Since he is a husky he loves to pull so I don’t think he minds the harness too much (;

      • That is so cool… and yes – in the video you posted I did see the road nearby… however running off leash is the biz… I think… 🙂 nice pictures you posted, I had only discovered those afterwards…

  2. Zeke is a stud!

  3. Zeke is beautiful! I have a dog named Zeke that also has one blue eye and one brown eye – but mine is only 12lbs 🙂

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