Quick training game

   This morning I played a quick little training/feeding game with Zeke. It was raining pretty hard out & I wanted to do something stimulating for him to make up for our shortened walk. Zeke gets about a cup of kibble in the morning-sometimes he eats it, sometimes not. (His main diet is the raw food at night.) To make it more fun sometimes I’ll dole out his kibble, a few pieces at a time, and throw them across the floor. He loves hunting for the pieces!    

   Today I changed it up to keep him guessing. I held out my flat palm, which is the signal for Zeke to hand target. The first time he looked at me, with a cup of kibble in my right hand and my left palm out. Smart dog…he bumped his nose to my hand and I simultaneously said “good!” and threw  a few pieces of kibble out. He ate about half of his morning food this way, it took about 10 minutes, which is still about 9 minutes longer than most dogs take to eat their kibble. Remember to make your dog work for his food! They enjoy it & it is easy to do an exercise like this while you are at your computer or washing dishes in the kitchen. It’s a few moments of your time & 10+ minutes (Zeke continues to look afterwards for stray kibble pieces ) of pure fun for your dog!


~ by manicivy on March 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “Quick training game”

  1. What a great idea. Aggie will have to try this with me. Thanks!

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