Another 2 hour outing!

Just got home from another canicross/hike/dog play/hill work out outing with Zeke. We had soooo much fun! As time goes on, I think I’m enjoying just being outside with Zeke for as long as possible, over hitting my own personal running goals. I just want to have fun! No worrying about distance or running under 10 minute miles. I think as long as I’m out there being active I’ll continue to get better even without specific goals. Maybe not as fast as “training” but I want to run for life not necessarily to win a race-I’m too slow anyway!

Today, it was so beautiful out, I decided to do more of a hill workout so Zeke and I could enjoy the scenery. I did record most of the run on my phone app, so I know we ran about 2 miles and then we would find a hill, run up it as fast as possible, and then walk or slow jog it to the next hill. This really works for Zeke because he pulls full out running up and down hills &  not so much on flat surface. And, of course, it gives me a great leg workout. Total distance ~5 miles.

It was great to see the park so crowded with people outside having fun! I’d say we only ran into maybe 25 families/people on the trails though. We took some turns we hadn’t taken yet so it was fun to explore. We ended with a dog park trip, where it was PACKED, even Zeke was a little overwhelmed. After that we took an easy jog down to the lake where Zeke cooled his paws off and even found some clumps of snow to roll in. It was truly a wonderful, beautiful day!

he also ate the snow! Must note here that if your dog rolls with the skijor harness on, he can get part of it off! (which is why it is lopsided in the below picture)

Another 2 hour outing!

Zeke is part cat! He loves to climb trees & jump on stumps and walk along fallen logs like this one.


~ by manicivy on March 10, 2013.

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