Unreliable GPS

Well, Zeke and I had another great Sunday outing! We did a nice, long warm up walk because today I wanted to concentrate on not taking so many pee and sniff breaks (for Zeke of course!) on our run. It Seemed to make a difference, our pace was much steadier; we took only 3 timed 1min walk breaks. There were lots of dogs on the trails so add in a few seconds of brief meet and greets and we did 50mins of running.
I’m glad I clocked the time so well because the GPS for my phone running app kept coming and going. I looked at the map for what it did log and past routes and I think we did somewhere around 4.25 miles.
We ended with Zeke’s reward of a dog park trip. The group today was so nice and well behaved we stayed for almost an hour! One of Zeke’s best and longest buddies Curtis, a hound mix, even stopped by. It was great to see them so excited and fall back into their play routine after several months of missing each other. Zeke is now happily licking/chewing on a marrow bone on his bed and I am refueling with some hummus and pita bread.


~ by manicivy on March 3, 2013.

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