I bring the zoo home

As I was giving Zeke his dinner, a mix of beef, tripe, & chicken gizzards, I thought to myself…those gizzards are the perfect size for training treats. Usually I just use pieces of pupperoni sticks or that Natural Balance log for training. I figure, if we make the carnivores at the zoo work for their dinner, might as well make Zeke work for it too! He got his “reverse spin” down this time, although we are still having trouble with the simple “roll over”. He’s so exuberant during training, especially when food rewards are involved, that when I make the motion to roll he jumps up, moves slightly over and then lays down on the same side again! haha. I will have to try more often with just praise as the reward. I’ve also tried physically manipulating him over, but since he also knows “high fives” when laying on his back, once he gets to that point of the roll over he starts giving high fives. Maybe I should have taught him roll over before laying-down high fives. (;


~ by manicivy on March 2, 2013.

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