Irresponsible Owners Part Deux

Just got back from a .5 mile warmup, 3.5mile run with Zeke. It really is never a dull moment experiencing things with Zeke! As soon as we got to the park we met one of Zeke’s long-time dog park friends, who was off leash btw. His owner asked me if I could let Zeke off so they could play. I looked around; this was just the start of the trail with a 4 lane road about 30 feet away….I said no. She looked mildly disapproving and said “oh, he’ll run?”. I replied, “probably not, but I don’t want to chance it.” She had to hold her dog back because when we tried to continue running he kept chasing us.  =P

Fast forwarding…towards the end of our run we were near a boulevard on a busy street running along the park. We had just passed a corner when, BAM! A huge german shepherd barreled into Zeke. I stopped and stared, and prayed he wasn’t aggressive. As the dogs sniffed each other, a woman came from behind a car calling her dog calmly. When she saw Zeke she frantically starting screaming her dogs name- I took that to mean he wasn’t friendly. Nope, as soon as he heard his owner, the dog started growling. Luckily a very nice passerby, who later introduced himself as Pablo, came up on his bike and semi-blocked the dog from Zeke. Phew, right? Not over yet…

The lady grabbed the shepherd, and then another small terrier came running out! He nipped at Zeke and ran right past us in the street, narrowly being missed by a car. The *&>%$! lady LET GO of the shepherd to grab the little dog. I’m still trying to just get away, but now the shepherd is following us. I had to stop so the lady with little dog in one arm, grabbed the shepherd’s collar in the other and awkwardly moved back to her car. What did she say to me? NOTHING. as usual.

So to the owner who asked me to take off Zeke’s leash by the road, I’m really glad I said no. This is what happens. We live in the city. We live by cars. You dont have to let your dog off to excercise them. This is why I’m such a huge supporter of canicross. You and your dog get fit, SAFELY. That lady was damned lucky her dogs were ok and I was damned lucky for Pablo’s help. Please people, LEASH YOUR DOGS on city streets! Properly exercise them! Always carry treats for unpredictable situations. Do this for yourself, your dogs, and innocent passerbys & motorists.


~ by manicivy on February 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “Irresponsible Owners Part Deux”

  1. So sorry for you run! My biggest complaint after getting my dog (and to this day) are irresponsible dog owners! You notice them so much more often when you are trying to safely run your dog.

    • so true! I think I’ve only noticed misbehaving dogs off leash a handful of times before running with Zeke. Now its almost an every day occurrence!

  2. I completely understand your frustration! Also my biggest pet peeve… (ha ha)
    I shared a couple of dog attack stories in my post about Bully Breeds (if you can wade through the soap box rant)
    Power on Zeke!

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