Fight Night at the Dog Run

Zeke and I urban canicrossed to the dog run last night. I was surprised and a little perturbed to see 3 dogs there, two of whom, female pits from the same household, had bothered Zeke the last time we were there. I wasn’t planning on staying too long, so in he went.
At first everything was ok, Zeke ran, they chased, nothing new there. Then the one named Daisy kept circling him and barking. Zeke would run she would chase and then her sister would rush him when he stopped running. He tried to hide behind a bench but they boxed him in barking and now nipping. Their lovely, wonderful, knowledgeable ( feel the sarcasm) owner lady grabbed the bigger one so Zeke could exit from behind the bench. Daisy continued chasing and was now doing the pit charge, barking and snapping at his neck. I could see it getting out of control so I started making my way towards them, unfortunately the sister got to him first, incessantly barking, the two of them circling. He went into defense snarling and snapping then they both bit at him, one on his leg and one at his neck. This is all of course in a matter of seconds.
I ran to them, screamed, clapped my hands and stamped my feet, it was enough to get them to give Zeke a little running away room. What did the owner do? She stopped talking to her friends and watched. Then she grabbed the big one and said, “daisy, come!” to the little one…about five times. Then she stopped bothering to call her since it was obvious daisy was going nowhere near her. I ran to the gate, called Zeke and put him in the smaller dog run.
That stupid owner didn’t say one word to me the entire time. She didn’t even try to call off her dogs when it went down, she froze in stupidity. She didn’t try to distract them, nothing. She also didn’t leave the dog park immediately which is what you are supposed to do. I knew she wouldn’t, which is why I left first. Zeke was ok, he quickly moved on and started playing fetch with me. A few minutes later stupid lady’s friend left and then she left, after struggling to catch daisy to put her leash on. Again, she had no words to say to me, not even, “is your dog ok” or heavens forbid, “I’m sorry”. What makes her even more pathetic is that when I first entered the park, she was telling the other dog owner that daisy ” is so good if I tell her to stay or come she listens”. What a joke.
Now I know to avoid those dogs and that lady next time. Last time they were barky with Zeke but nothing this bad. If you have an aggressive dog, or dogs that become aggressive when ganging up on a third dog, and you don’t know how to handle it, don’t come to the park. Bring one dog at a time. Teach your dog good recall. Don’t own a pit. Be prepared to step in if something does happen. Ask me to wait five minutes before entering while you exit the dog run. Apologize.

There was a second fight that night, but it was between two cats in a tree. I thought Zeke was going to jump the fence he was so interested in that one! A little while later Zeke was wrestling/playing with a 200lb Irish wolfhound. Quite a sight to see and a happy ending to the night.


~ by manicivy on February 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “Fight Night at the Dog Run”

  1. I hate dog owners who are clueless. I’ve run into multiple aggressive dogs in my building who have charged my dog out of nowhere and their owners who are useless. It has now come to the place where if a high strung dog is too friendly that my dog starts to growl at it. I know the difference between high strung and aggressive, but my dog is a dog and just sees another wacko in his face. Of course the owners of the high strung dogs don’t listen when I tell them that my dog doesn’t always like dogs he doesn’t know. To me that sounds a little nicer than saying, “your crazy untrained dog is going to freak my dog out and neither you or your dog is taking the clue that my dog is trying to get away from you two”. Too many people in NYC who should not have a dog are creating a culture that makes me wish my dog had a yard where we didn’t have to see or deal with them. I’m sorry Zeke got ganged up on and that you had to deal with that lady.

    • Thanks Trevor. I couldn’t agree more. Zeke is high energy and very social and because I don’t have a yard, the dog park is the only answer. I run with him, but I can only run so much! I understand that some dogs are aggressive, that’s fine, but they need owners who know how to deal with it!

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