ARRRR me meat…

ARRRR me meat...

(to be said with a pirate accent)
We returned to Cunningham park yesterday with the intention of walking the trails but ended up meeting some great people and dogs at the dog park so spent an hour there instead.
Zeke and I are taking the week off from canicrossing since I have been having some knee pain, oddly, from a mis-step while standing. =P Forecasters say a bunch of rain is coming our way but hopefully we can canicross tomorrow or Sunday. Zeke is not a huge fan of the rain but won’t absolutely refuse going out.
One of my most fond memories & a huge bonding experience btwn Zeke & I occurred in some heavy rain during a vacation. In Lake Glen, last June, during the one total washout day, my boyfriend and family members/friends were hanging out inside. Zeke needed to go out so I took him, since Doug hates walking in the rain and I LOVE it. We crossed the street to where the dirt/gravel parking lot for the cottage rental place was. Amazingly, Zeke pooped right away in the light rain, as sometimes he will hold out until it stops.
Right then, the rain really picked up and it started pouring. I was determined to get Zeke exercised so I put on his long training leash and got out the tennis ball. I put down his travel water bowl, filled it with water, took out the treat bag & set to work.
I threw grounders, pop-flys, bouncey-balls; I made him sit, spin, and jump before I threw it; I would put him in a sit & wait for it, throw the ball make him wait for it……..& then Go get it Zeke! Occasionally I would reward him with a food treat for a behavior or just randomly throw the treats in the grass and he would find them. All the time we splashed around in the puddles and mud. By the end of it, the rain had slowed and we were filthy, but what a great time and what an incredible feeling to feel so connected and in harmony with my beloved dog.


~ by manicivy on February 21, 2013.

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