Cunningham Park trip

Last night I looked up some Queens parks that Doug and I have not yet explored with Zeke. I’ve really been wanting to try Alley Pond or Cunningham Park. We settled on Cunningham since they have a fenced in dog park while Alley Pond only has an off leash area.

The park was very easy to get to and had a huge parking lot. It took us a few minutes to find the dog park…it was tiny! Aside from the tiny runs I’ve seen in Manhattan, this was the smallest! However, I must say it was spotlessly clean! The ground material was odd, not quite nuggets or mulch but it was evenly spread and there was a lot of it. It seemed like it would be tough on the dogs paws as the pieces of wood were huge and you inevitably pick up a few pieces when bagging up poop.  The fence was also very short, Zeke or any medium to larger sized dog could jump out if so inclined.

The positives of the dog park include a dog drinking fountain ( in season), several large toys, like a hollow red drum, to play in, and the ability to open up the small size dog run to the larger run, giving a significant increase in play area. There are trails to walk on in the park itself, although we didn’t find them in close proximity of the dog area, we plan on going back soon to explore more.

So, basically, the run is small but pleasant. Zeke had a great time playing with the four other dogs that were there. It’s always interesting to try out a new place! Next time we go, I will follow with a review of the walking trails.


~ by manicivy on February 19, 2013.

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