I just finished reading the book “Eat and Run” by Scott Jurek. Jurek is a world-renowned ultra-marathoner. My biggest obstacle with running has been finding the motivation. Running with Zeke and entering 5k races has really helped. I also read books on running to help me continue on when I hit a plateau. Jurek is an amazing athlete who truly runs for the enjoyment of running and to really test his physical and mental limits.

I’m suggesting this book on Zeke’s blog because Jurek writes about his own Alaskan Husky, Tonto, whom he trained with for several years. He mentions several times that a runner can learn so much from watching a dog run. It is a quick, engaging read, I recommend it if you want to learn what your body may be capable of if you have the heart to push through the pain. Guarantee you will be able to run a mile or two further than you ever have immediately after finishing this book!


~ by manicivy on February 14, 2013.

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