Outward hound Backpack

Outward hound Backpack

I purchased the Outward Hound backpack (a large) almost two years ago. When taking Zeke camping and/or on hiking trips, we wanted him to be able to carry some supplies & were hoping it might calm him down a little on our trips. When Zeke goes to new places he can be a bit rambunctious! Our local dog store had the back packs in stock so we bought it without looking into different kinds.

We really lucked out! This backpack is great! In two years it has not shown any wear and tear, although we don’t use it too often. I really like this pack because it has quick release velcro so you can pull the pocket part of the pack off but leave on the shell & the straps remain attached. There is also a handle on the back of the pack in case you need to carry it, but it also works well to control Zeke if he sees something exciting while wearing it. There are 3 straps you buckle in, 2 under his belly & one in front of his chest. All of the buckles have a padding circle so they dont rub your dog’s skin. There is also reflective tape for night walks.

I highly recommend this brand. Well-fitting dog packs are hard to find and most are very pricey, starting at about $70. We got this one for $30 in the store & it is cheaper if bought online. I easily fit two 20oz water bottles (one on each side), treat bag, toy, travel water dish, my keys and cellphone, & poop bags with room to spare. Just remember to give your dog lots of treats when you first put it on & let him wear it empty on a few walks so he can adjust to it. 

Zeke gets excited now when I pull out his pack, because he knows we are going on an adventure!


~ by manicivy on January 23, 2013.

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