Why one shouldn’t run with a big stick in your mouth…

Last night at the dog park, Doug & I were having fun alternating chasing Zeke and having him chase us since there were no other dogs in attendance. At some point Zeke picked up a 3 foot long, about 5lbs, branch and started running around with it. His signature move, usually to break away from the dogs play-chasing him, is to cut behind the 2 foot gap between the fence and a bench. Unfortunately, with a 3 foot branch in his jaws, he just didn’t make it. We heard a loud thwack, followed by a strangled yelp/growl noise & turned to see Zeke rolling on top of the frozen dirt. And, of course, the lantern I had bought with me to light the park since it was already dark, had died.

He slowly got up and started walking and we ran over to him. I didn’t see any blood but it was dark and he kept licking and opening and closing his mouth. I checked his teeth, all of which were still in place. Doug ran to get him so water which Zeke eagerly drank. A couple of minutes later he had picked up the same huge branch and was running around again! I didn’t think anything of it again until later, at home.

Zeke ate his dinner just fine, luckily it was ground beef-no bones to chew. He was still sticking out his tongue a lot and licking, so I encouraged him to lay down and sleep. Just as his eyes were closing I heard what sounded like  a woodpecker! Doug and I started looking around trying to figure out where it was coming from.  It stopped and then started again when Doug and I saw where it was coming from…Zeke’s teeth were chattering! I knew that was NOT normal. It seemed that when he lifted his head up or lowered his head his jaw would start to chatter. I think he must’ve jammed his jaw or over extended it when he crashed into the bench. I think the chattering was from temporary muscle weakness? It hasn’t happened at all today & he is playing tug with Doug right now, so all seems well!

Zeke has cut his tongue playing with large branches before. I can’t say I’m going to do anything about it though. I might encourage him to play with smaller branches, but in the end, hes a dog and it’s what he likes to do. Its such a beautiful sight seeing a happy dog running around with a stick in their mouth!


~ by manicivy on January 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “Why one shouldn’t run with a big stick in your mouth…”

  1. Awe, poor guy! Can’t stop dogs from being dogs though! Hopefully, he’s alright.

    • very true! He seemed fine today, in fact I think he learned his lesson. He had another branch in his mouth with a few dogs chasing him and he went to run behind a bench…he skidded to a halt, eyes wide, and ran back the other way!

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