We canicrossed!!!!

Zeke and I just got back from Forest Park-we did it! We went canicrossing with our new equipment for the first time! It was amazing, Zeke was amazing! After a few minutes of teaching him pulling in his new harness is a good thing & now he should run in front of me instead of next to me, he really got into it! I took some video which I will upload as soon as my phone is charged. We did about 3.5 miles & ended with a quick trip to the dog park as a reward.

It makes me feel really good that even though Zeke is a city dog and may never pull a sled with a team of huskies, at least he is doing the next best thing, what he was bred to do: pull & run over (semi) long distances! I can’t wait until we improve together and can add on more miles. I also think we inspired or at least piqued the interest of some fellow dog walkers & onlookers. I’m glad to see so many people out walking the dogs on the trails, now we have to get some of them to go outside canicross-style!


~ by manicivy on January 13, 2013.

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