After 3 days off from running, Zeke and I headed over to Juniper park. We did one of the easiest and most fun 3 miles ever. I had treats in my running purse, so after two miles, decided to practice greeting other dogs calmly. Luckily, we ran into two other over excitable 2 year old dogs practicing the same thing! Snuggles, a golden retriever and Beanie, a pit/hound mix both have the same issues as Zeke; friendly but overbearing greeters. After some lunging, barking and jumping around, the 3 youngsters finally were all sitting at the same time. Harmony! I rewarded Zeke with a treat and an opportunity to sniff his new friends. We then finished out our run and Zeke enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of chicken hearts.


~ by manicivy on December 29, 2012.

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