Is Zeke Mr. Lonely?

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone has been enjoying the company of loved ones the past few days. I know Zeke has. For the past month I have not had one day off & Doug has been working 6 & 7 day work weeks. Even on my weekends I have not been home much because of the holidays. Zeke seems to be a little off lately. Huskies are very social dogs and it takes a toll on a husky if you work long hours & he does not have the company of another dog during the day.

When we first got Zeke we had to crate him during the day & Doug would drive home to walk him on his lunch breaks. After we moved to our current apartment (when Zeke was a few months over a year) we could start leaving him out if we puppy-proofed everything. We had to remove ALL food items, wrapped & unwrapped, put away the remotes, hide hair clips & glasses & books, etc. Now we just put away food & hair clips-he refuses to grow out of eating hair clips! Doug still drives home some lunches to walk him; even though some dogs can hold their pee for 14 hours, I still dont think its right or good for them to go that long. In addition to his AM & PM long walks he gets 2-3 smaller “pee breaks” during the day.

I also leave the tv on him for him on a timer-not sure if this does anything but at least it has the potential to be stimulating. And, of course, he gets his frozen peanut butter in a kong & I rotate his toys every morning.

I hope I’m doing enough for him. When I think that huskies were bred to pull a sled and run for hours during the day, I feel like I can always be doing more for Zeke. That his life should be more stimulating. On the other hand, I know someone nearby with a husky who leaves their dog in a 20foot by 6 foot yard with a high fence on concrete 24 hours, 7 days a week. They dont walk her & I’ve never seen toys around. That just makes me sad.

I work with captive wild animals & this is my toughest & most constant inner struggle with what I do. And, sometimes, it spills over into how I feel about Zeke & his quality of life. Am I doing enough? I rescued Zeke from a home where he was kept indoors all of the time. Compared to that, yes, he has PLENTY of enrichment & stimulation. Compared to a sled husky-does he have less? Probably. And, is that a bad thing? Zeke doesn’t know about what he doesn’t experience. His main cares deal with food, going outside, & being around his “pack.” He gets those things every day; I sacrifice other things in my life to make sure he gets those requirements. But, I have a feeling, I’ll always be thinking I should be doing more, just like how I feel about the animals I work with. As long as I actually DO do more, then at least I’ll know I tried my best & hopefully, one day, find peace in that.


~ by manicivy on December 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Is Zeke Mr. Lonely?”

  1. For what it’s worth, I think you’re a great mommy to Zeke! He is very lucky to have you & Doug. 🙂

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