We’ve tried a lot of leashes…

Click me to see the leash…

& we found this one to be the best! We’ve been using this leash (in red!) for over a year & though it has stretched out a little bit and isn’t reflective at night anymore, it is a great leash for large dogs. It’s a rounded leash & was suggested to us by a dog walker because when dealing with large dogs that pull or lunge, it minimizes chafing and blisters on your hands. It has stood up to Zeke’s strength all this time & hasn’t even frayed anywhere. We got it for 12$ at walmart & it comes in a few different colors.

***Quick leash tip:  about a third of the way up the leash (from where you hook it to your dog) tie a knot! When you need better control or want to practice the shortened but loose leash technique, the knot gives you something to hold rather than wrapping up the leash in your hand!


~ by manicivy on December 22, 2012.

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