Want a quick, easy, healthy dog treat for your dog? Make broth-cicles! When I boil chicken for myself, I don’t pour the leftover water & juices down the drain- I save them. Pour into an ice tray or small tupperwares & freeze. The next day you have a great treat for your pet-frozen broth. I also do the same thing when cutting off fatty pieces of chicken, beef, pork. Save those pieces, boil them down & then save the juice for yummy frozen treats for your pet.

Broth-cicles taste & smell delicious so your pet will be sure to go for it & since it’s frozen, it will take them several minutes to lick it all away, so its a great treat to keep destructive dogs or tireless puppies busy. This is my favorite treat to give Zeke after a bout at the dog park or long summer run, its the perfect way to cool him off! In fact, he’s licking away at one right now after a 5 mile run!


~ by manicivy on December 17, 2012.

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