Flushing Meadow Park

Flushing Meadow Park is another GREAT dog-friendly park. Its HUGE, 1,255 acres & Queens largest park according to the NYC Parks website. It was home to 2 of the world’s fairs; it was a site used in the Men in Black movies. There are sports fields of every kind, barbecue areas, the Queens Zoo is here, lakes for boating, & even an enclosed model airplane launch site! And, of course, over one of the pedestrian bridges across the Grand Central Parkway, is the dog park (called Underbridge Dog Run!) All areas of Flushing Park are dog friendly-it is a great place to bike or canicross with your dog as it is mostly flat and so spread out you have ample time to veer around other joggers or dogs. There are no wilderness trails though, your running has to be done on the asphalt walkways or on the grass. Parts of the park, especially the 2 miles around the lake do flood often-so be prepared to get muddy! I allow Zeke to wade in parts of the lake, although that is not technically allowed, but I don’t let him in for long since people do dump garbage sometimes & there are some pretty large snapping turtles in the water. We like to put Zeke on his 50ft training lead and alternate exploring the park & playing fetch. In season, there are frequently found water fountains & restrooms. There is plenty of parking if you know where to look. This is my absolute favorite place to run with Zeke!


~ by manicivy on December 16, 2012.

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