How to do an Agility Walk

A great way to make your walk more stimulating for your dog is to incorporate agility & learned behaviors. Hopefully you are taking your dog out every day for at least a 30 minute walk (I’m sure you are…!) but if you want to exercise your dog’s mind WHILE walking you can do a few easy things.
Teach your dog left, right, straight, & stop. EVERY time you approach a corner practice these commands with your dog, they will pick it up very quickly! This is also key to beginning canicross with your dog. Your dog will begin looking to you for which way to go at the corner-reward with treats or opportunities to stop and smell.
Passing by an old tree stump? Teach your dog “up”! & have him/her jump on top of the stump. You can follow with other behaviors such as sit, give paw, or bark.
Finally, a good tip for some “scavenging” in the grass. Get your dog’s attention by saying “look”, praise, and then throw 4 or 5 treat pieces in some high grass. Your dog will really enjoy the natural behavior of food searching & will continue looking even after finding all of the pieces. this trick is especially good if you have a dog that is reactive to other dogs. Get your dogs attention, throw the treats, and watch your dog hunt for the food instead of barking at the passing dog. No more boring walks-go out and have fun!


~ by manicivy on December 14, 2012.

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