Dinner bell

Zeke’s leg seems to be all better! We just got back from a 3 mile run around Juniper park. Although…we did take a quick break in the middle so he could play with a 7 mo. old husky puppy. At the end of the run, coming down the driveway, sometimes Zeke & I like to sprint. All it takes is the word “DINNER!!!” and I brace myself. And BAM! Zeke pulls so hard his front two legs catapult into the air & he hits the ground sprinting. I admit, it’s a little scary to do this, so many things could happen all of which involve me falling, but its worth the thrill!

Zeke recognizes the word “dinner” and also breakfast, but dinner has the above effect. Zeke eats a mainly raw diet. I do leave him out a cup of kibble in the morning but he usually eats a few mouthfuls of it over a couple of days. I leave the kibble because I like for him to have something to munch when Doug & I are gone at work. There is always a reason for his destructiveness, one is usually he HAS to poop immediately & noone is around to take him (and he refuses to go potty inside) OR he is hungry. So he has the choice to eat the kibble or not.

I researched raw food a LOT before starting it. I talked to people who feed raw, sell raw, the vet, & did research online. Basically Zeke gets 80% (of his diet) is muscle meat, 10% bone, 10% organ (5% of which should be liver.) The rough calculation of how MUCH (by weight) to feed is 2-3% of your dog’s ideal body weight. Zeke is currently about 65lbs. I feed Zeke at the 2% body weight level which is 1.3lbs. Most raw food sources explain that it is balance over time with these numbers. I certainly am not exact with it every day. Some days Zeke gets 1lb, some days he gets 2. It depends on what he is getting, time of year, activity level, & how good I was at guess-timating how heavy a pound is! (;

A few examples: Zeke will get a 5lb. chicken. This should last him 3-4 days. If he wants to eat it in two, I let him & then feed him a little less the next few days.

Zeke gets an 8lb pork shoulder. This usually does take him almost a week. He definetly gets more full with red meat. After about 30 mins of slowly gnawing at it, he usually goes to sleep while staring at it. I then remove it (if he is awake I give him a treat like a piece of liver or cheese as a “trade up” for letting me take it.) It goes in the fridge uncovered until the next day when it comes time for me to point Zeke to his waiting spot after i say the magical word, DINNER!!!!


~ by manicivy on December 12, 2012.

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