Zeke, an Alaskan Husky, was actually born in Texas. All we know about his very beginning is that he was bought from a breeder near an Air Force Base in Texas. He was adorable & his original owners chose him because he was the smallest of the litter. They gave him the name Jack. He spent the first 2 months in Texas in a house owned by a young family. He grew up with a little yappy dog and a big yard. Then his owner was transferred to NY. The family went to live in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn. They became too busy for Jack. I’m going to assume he became destructive & unfortunately he was kept confined to the kitchen in a dirty crate w/his yappy dog companion actually chained to the crate. He used the bathroom on newspapers in the kitchen & was rarely, if ever? walked. We know this because they did not have a leash or collar to give us when Doug picked him up.

Doug heard about him through a coworker who said his sister’s family was looking to give him up. They had actually agreed to give him to a bar owner who wanted to keep him in the back of the bar. Doug convinced them that he and a zookeeper would be a much better choice. If we or the bar owner hadnt taken him the family had said they would have dropped him at a shelter. I like to think they were good people, that they were just going through a hard, busy time, they were having a 2nd child. I think they just didnt know how to handle Zeke & his high energy. I had prepared for 2 years & work with animals & STILL wasn’t ready for the bundle of crazy Zeke was!! For awhile we kept in contact with the family, as their little girl gave him a hug goodbye & said “I’ll miss you, Jack.” We sent them a Christmas picture of Zeke with antlers on being pet by a Santa & they were happy to see he was happy (& spoiled.) We have since lost contact with them, but I wish them the best. Lesson learned I hope, RESEARCH the type of dog you want, don’t pick one up on a whim because he looks cute and cuddly at 10 weeks.


~ by manicivy on December 9, 2012.

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