EZ walker harness

Just a quick little product review tonight. When we first got Zeke at 7 months old, he had rarely been taken for walks outside (hard to believe and sad, yes, I will be writing more on that over the weekend). Consequently, he was very difficult to walk on the leash. He had NO leash manners, would pull, would dart, got scared at random things we passed by & would bolt; and at 45lbs it was very difficult for me, physically, to walk him. 

Doug & I tried several different collar types & then harnesses & even the nose halter. Nothing worked for Zeke until we tried the EZ Walker Harness. It was magical! Obviously, it won’t work for every dog & doesn’t solve every problem immediately but it did make my sometimes skittish, sometimes overly-friendly, constant puller much more manageable.

The halter is easy to put on, it goes over the head and hooks under the belly to one side. (The one negative is that sometimes Zeke’s skin would get chafed in his armpit area if he pulled a lot that day, so just watch out for that.) The leash ring is at the front of your dog instead of on his back. This front placement puts the dog slightly off balance when they go to pull. Zeke’s body would actually swivel to the side because he was annoyed he couldn’t pull straight. He has gotten used to it so the effect isn’t as dramatic anymore but luckily by the time he learned to pull to the side with it on, he had already learned that he SHOULDN’T pull it! I highly recommend this harness to anyone with a larger dog that they have trouble controlling. In a perfect world, when I get a new puppy, I will be teaching it leash manners at 10weeks & only a few pounds, & hopefully won’t need it when they get to be 45lbs! But if youre starting out with a giant, pulling monster, definitely give this harness a try!


~ by manicivy on December 8, 2012.

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