A History…


I had always wanted a dog. We had a family dog when I was younger, Queenie, the Australian Terrier. By the time I was old enough to appreciate her she was a senior dog and slowing down. When she died we didnt get another dog until years later. I had been begging my parents for another dog and when we finally went to the shelter, somehow my sister ended up picking out the dog & naming it Oreo. I obviously wasnt very happy with this turn of events, but I was happy to have any dog. Unfortunately Oreo, a border collie mix, had major issues. If you dont know about training and dog behavior, DO NOT get a border collie. Oreo was only with us for 3 days.

When I was about 22 I moved out of my parents’ house after getting a job as a zookeeper. Working at the zoo was my dream job! I studied environmental science at college and befriended a girl in my bio lab class who worked at the zoo. I started as an intern and after graduating college was hired full-time. It was there that I learned all about training and animal behavior and what things like positive reinforcement were. After working with sea lions, seals, and polar bears I felt like I knew a little about training. In fact, I got pretty good at it. If I could handle wild animals, surely I was now ready for a dog of my own.

I puppy sat for coworkers, talked to friends that owned different types of dogs and researched online. I did this (and talked incessantly about getting a dog to my poor boyfriend, Doug) for about 2 years. 2 whole years of wanting a dog but not actually getting one. I like to be prepared? I always had this innate feeling that right dog for me would find me-he would just magically appear one day. This magical dog I had come to envision would weigh less than 40lbs, be calm, housebroken, walk perfectly on the leash and wouldnt bark much. Sort of like…a well-trained Basenji? Well, the Basenji still hasnt found his way to my apartment yet. But if he still wants to come, I definetely wouldn’t turn him away. No, instead, when I opened the door to find my cute little puppy, a frantic, crazy Husky monster, named Jack, lunged his way on through.


~ by manicivy on December 3, 2012.

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  1. this is the first picture we took of Zeke. That is my boyfriend, Doug, with him.

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